80070 :: Tasdeeq ::


Authentication of the residential contract for workers/staff

A regulatory service aiming to preserve the rights of both parties (the owner and the tenant) in the Emirate under the applicable regulations and rules for the residential compounds of workers and staff.


Rental Management Organization


Lease Contracts Division

Services Type


Services Location

City Services Center

Services Provision Time

From 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM

Service Beneficiaries

Companies / Individuals

Services Provision Channels

City Services Center

Turnaround Time

15 minutes

Services Related to Other Governmental Departments

  • Ajman Sewerage Company
  • Civil Defense Department (workers-staff residence)

The Required Documents

  • Request from the Lease Contracts Division
  • Three copies of lease contract for residential purposes
  • Copy of identity documents (principal of workers passport and residence visa)
  • Copy of the building valid license
  • Copy of the staff passports along with the residence visa (for staff residence only)
  • Emirates identity card for both parties
  • Copy of the landlord's title deed
  • Copy of the commercial license for companies and institutions

Steps for Providing the Required Service

  • Filling in and Submitting the request with all required documents for contract authentication
  • Attendance of one party to the contract or its authorized representative
  • Fulfilling the regulatory conditions with the approval of the (Public Health and Environment Administration, and the Civil Defense Department)
  • Payment of the due fees
  • Authenticating the contract, issuing a workers residence permit then delivering it to the customer

Contact Details for the Service

Service Fees

Authentication of lease contract for residential purposes (workers/staff residence") 5% of the lease value with a minimum of 1000 Dirhams