Cancellation of Lease Contracts

Cancellation of Lease Contracts


Rental Management Organization


Lease Contracts Division

Services Type


Services Location

City Services Center

Services Provision Time

From 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM

Service Beneficiaries


Services Provision Channels

City Services Center

Turnaround Time

8 minutes

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The Required Documents

  • Letter from both parties indicating the Cancellation of the contract
  • Request from the Lease Contracts Division
  • Two copies of lease contract intended for cancellation
  • Copy of identity documents + Emirates identity card for the concerned persons
  • Clearance certificate from Ajman Sewerage Company
  • Clearance certificate from the Electricity & Water Authority

Steps for Providing the Required Service

  • Filling in the relevant form and the attendance of both parties for the Cancellation
  • Referring to Ajman Sewerage Company
  • Payment of the due fees (in case of issuing certificate of contract Cancellation and delivering it to the customer)
  • Submitting the transaction to the receptionist for canceling the contract and delivering it to the customer

Contact Details for the Service

  • Phone : 80026 - 067422331
  • Fax : 7457566 / 06
  • P.O.Box: 3 Ajman
  • Email:
  • Website :

Service Fees

Fee Value is 120 Dirhams